Survival: How We Make Minecraft - Episode 6

Can our Narrator survive being trapped in Minecraft? Can his marriage? Find out in a groundbreaking concept episode that’s surprisingly tricky to describe. Learn what makes our survival systems tick, how we get the balance between fun and frustration right (right?), and why you should always read a contract before signing it. (With thanks to Ryan Sand for his assistance with the Narrator's fashionable attire.)




  • I play roblox cause you have to pay for minecraft😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Minecraft is same with crafting and building

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  • Wow Is There A Pencil??? 😤

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  • Mojang now makes its own memes

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  • the video: 3:37 me: oh hey look! there's a "villager voice".... I guess theirs nothing interesting in it also me: *starts reading anyway and wheezes*

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  • Please bring RTX for pocket edition

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  • Dear Developers! Please add a Trolley Hitch and a Chain Key. The coupling will allow the creation of trains, metro and railroad projects. The self-propelled trolley will take on new life because it can be used as a locomotive. When crafting a minecar, a hitch will be automatically built into it. The clasp key will be made from 2 copper ingots and one iron piece. To connect the trolleys, you will need to click in turn a clutch wrench on them and they will be clutches. And to disengage them, you will need to do the same, but with the Shift clamped. Thank you in advance !!!

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  • What is that seed?

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  • Olha faz o João ot gamer não poder pega addons que eu e desse ta

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  • If you ever feel useless remember minecraft has an uninstall button

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  • The title of this video should be called how we made a masterpiece of a game

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  • 2:41 JA ...eso nunca lo había visto... PD: nice detail

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  • "When you die in Minecraft, you lose all your possessions." Keep Inventory players: i feel da powa

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  • I love so much the name of the periodic "Villager Voice" Lol

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  • Please do more of these videos

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  • what happens to the mobs that lose the vote?

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  • What a beautiful video :)

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  • Does this mean there gonna have pencils-?

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  • Narrator guy should be with M.A.R.I.L.L.A.

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  • Mikasa Mikasa xd

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  • Ik this isn't part of what this is but I would like more updates in the ps3 edition. Lots of people are still playing ps3 and the minecraft is not at the latest version of the game. Please update it. You updated the aqua update why not do more updates for other consoles. Hopefully you do it I'm very bored and do not know what to do

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  • Mojang. Will 1.17 bring new music? I need to know

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  • I have a dream... a dream that one day they'll add in the ability to set up real defenses like a ranged golem instead of letting creepers just walk into my base and blowing holes in everything. >.> Come on now. We can set up defenses against players but we can't have read defenses against mobs in single player?

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    • normal golems dont attack creepers and that is a bruh moment

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  • add a 3 headed ghast

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  • I have seen remember character name this is him now feeling old yet meme on the internet lately, So i decide i will do and make the same meme one joke, 6:36 Remember ivor from minecraft story mode season 1 and 2 this is him now feeling old yet.

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  • Quick question Mojang could you pleas update mincraft education edition because i love netherite and want it in minecraft education edition. Sadly my dad wont get mincraft for me so i have to play mincraft education

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  • Minecraft what are you doing we need Thirst bars

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  • Compass -- I come here today to ask that you make the compass able to change to location of your base camp. I have a group of very young and very old playing we get lost easily and taking us back to spawn spot does not help when base camp was moved off island. Teleporting does not teach any skills except typing. Thank you for considering this.

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  • botem subtitles in portuguese brazil

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  • imagine minecraft being deleted forever but you had few minutes to play on it the old minecraft loading screen pops up and says thank you for being here for years. As you try to go to a world a trailer appears its the new 1one then it goes all the way down to the old beggings of minecraft then notch comes up and saying he will give posters and plushies to everybody and starts to fade out as he says thank you you soon start to realize nobody cared about minecraft after the day it was deleted but only your minecraft friends knew about it and you. but you still never forgoten minecraft. In the future your grand kids ask you whats minecraft yland you tell them its a old game your graps or grandma would play andthen your grand kids said theres gonna be a new 1one tears start falling down as you remeber everything you did there as memeories start to fade in.

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  • 7:07 em

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  • *cries*

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  • Please notice this comment add the sea monster

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  • The Narrator x Jonathan ship has sailed!

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  • *_A d r e s s_*

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  • Stone Sword kills everything Step 1: Wait for it to night Step 2: Arm Stone Sword Step 3: Survive

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  • I think we all know the only reason people disliked this video

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  • how has nobody relised who i am

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  • Can u tell me Jeb's email I have a great idea for a new game like minecraft

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  • Is the rare axolotl color based off of Mudkip? It has to be...

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  • 0:19; hol'up

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  • We need this to change

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  • Minecraft please listen to me please make big caves more common and change back to ore to normal

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  • I rlly hope if you don’t mind me asking but me and my friend have came up with a new mob called a Titan, it could eat players and I was thinking it could be in the nether??

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  • I think benedict cumberbatch is the narrator.

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  • Console Tutorials: Allow Us to introduce ourselves

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  • When you watch this video while playing minecraft

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  • 1:38 Pig: WH- what do you do to my child... Player: *Breaks wood with pigs flesh*

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  • 2:43 mi casa es mi casa xd

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  • Have you guys also used the Replay Mod ( 2:37 ). Seems like it. :P

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  • I really hope mojang adds coloured Lights

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  • Seed founders team: This is more than enough clip to found the seed

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  • lol

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  • Mi casa es mi casa, que buena referencia

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  • Can you put back the old multiplayer Is better than the new one please bring it back

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  • no ya no te voy a acostar porque tú no me dejas descargar el juego de dede Minecraft y no me deja descargarlo así que ahora mismo me lo tienes que descargar

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  • Ñoños maincra

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  • dude how do you work for mojang? your not even swedish!!!! get him outta here

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  • Yet NARRARTOR Can u add Minecraft gun

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  • I love minecraft it is one of the favriot game of my life and also love servers

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  • Jeb please keep the Diamond generation I like how in the 1.17 update that's easy to find diamonds

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  • the house at 2:39 is the most beautiful architecture in the world, no matter what they say

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  • The narrators character looks like a scared ivor ( from minecraft story mode )

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  • Ngl this johnathon fellow seems like a big brain guy tbh

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  • Negusta la actualización 1.17 pero cuando será la actualización de end

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  • NOTCH ??

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  • The next how we make Minecraft episode should be How we make Minecraft Creative

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  • This is a very different episode.

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  • This game is hot garbage, not worth buying w/ or w/o DLC

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    • >implying minecraft has dlc and it's not just $25 for every single version and snapshot ever released accessible from one easy-to-use launcher

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    • Shut up Dan nobody cares

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  • I uninstalled minecraft of Bordem And switched to roblox if you add an easier way to make an actual minecraft account i will install minecraft again..... But I'll not uninstall roblox because I kept all my robux there

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  • imagine Minecraft with a storyline

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  • Подпишись на канал K7 LONDON Снимаю фрагмувики

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  • why does this have so many dislikes again? Its basically just a person explaining some stuff in the vid .-.

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  • why are you promoting sodomy to children?!

    • What? When?

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  • Can you let us make higher level enchantments? Like maxed out level is 50?

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    • For PS4 Edition

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  • Just a question why do you guys play on bedrock ?

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  • thanks for the help minecraft! This was so easy to copy! 10/10!

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  • 3:36 I mean steve is pretty powerful

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