Lunar New Year comes to the Minecraft Marketplace

Lunar New Year has come to the Minecraft Marketplace! Between February 9 - 15, you can find everything you need to ring in the Year of the Ox, from curated content to free skins. Read more here: or check out the Marketplace here:
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  • Minecraft pls new item pls

    Hillal YosiHillal YosiPred 13 dňami
  • Pelit

    FitriFitriPred mesiacom
  • Pelis

    FitriFitriPred mesiacom
    • Mbak

      FitriFitriPred mesiacom
    • Nama kufika

      FitriFitriPred mesiacom
  • Akumaunnggem

    FitriFitriPred mesiacom
  • Porque no pone mas vegetación en el ender

    Oscar MamaniOscar MamaniPred mesiacom
  • I want optimization in the Minecraft java edition.

    wacvawacvaPred mesiacom
  • Update or be unlucky for 10,100 years UPDATE PS3

    Boomblox1010 10Boomblox1010 10Pred mesiacom
    • PS3 is no longer receiving updates. It couldn't possibly handle 1.16 and 1.17

      Shadow Hawk24Shadow Hawk24Pred mesiacom
  • Xie hua piao piao vifu shiao shio

    Dante CruzDante CruzPred mesiacom
  • This was on the Wii U a long time ago.

    Quentin QuentinQuentin QuentinPred mesiacom
  • There was actually a time where I got ripped off, I bought all the Star Wars packs and all the mash up packs but then I never got to use them, to this day I wonder, did I just get ripped off or did I lose money to some glitch... it was a sad day. I wonder what happened.

    FrancoGaming Thee_1stFrancoGaming Thee_1stPred mesiacom
  • if you don't know they made the map almost the same as the one that was in the Xbox one edition the old one not the new one or whatever console you were

    steven harrisonsteven harrisonPred mesiacom
  • Jgy

    Ítalo SantosÍtalo SantosPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Deixa o minecraft grátis

    GoGoPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I like minecraft ❤

    канал альбертуса playканал альбертуса playPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Did anyone else notice that this world is built off of the og Chinese mythology mash up pack from the legacy console version of Minecraft they’re finally doing something with the og Minecraft console version!!!👌👍🐾🌟

    Dr KDr KPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Why is everyone saying lunar NEAR year? Its not that

    Hisham MeeranHisham MeeranPred 2 mesiacmi
    • Typo

      Shadow Hawk24Shadow Hawk24Pred mesiacom
  • I love the song whats the songs name?

    Hisham MeeranHisham MeeranPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Do you know how to update marketplace worlds? im stuck in 1.14 in city life with a world I made in that template

    ARROBAARROBAPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Hi

    grungy goobergrungy gooberPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Happy new year

    Mirta LunaMirta LunaPred 2 mesiacmi

    kimbercustompro1911kimbercustompro1911Pred 2 mesiacmi
    • @Shadow Hawk24 So because of this completely unnecessary step I'm officially barred from using software that I purchased with my hard earned money. That's a pretty awful excuse and I think we both know a simple changing of one or two lines of code would give me all the access I'm asking for, In fact I say this confidently because it's already been patched to work offline on both PS4 and Xbox one.

      kimbercustompro1911kimbercustompro1911Pred mesiacom
    • Because when you're offline, you're not signed in to your account. You have to be online to use your packs. It's just how it is.

      Shadow Hawk24Shadow Hawk24Pred mesiacom
  • And added hive Chinese lobby thank you minecraft!

    Anchel Palo GamingAnchel Palo GamingPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Coloca o minecraft p-ara ficar de graca 😥🙏

    Wilton TorresWilton TorresPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Everyone: YEP LUNARNEW YEAR LETS KEEP THAT Me a dumb 11 year old: *i see nothing wrong with that*

    ImRainPlaysImRainPlaysPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I hate minecraft and love it... like i lost my hardcore world even when i landed in water with elytra.. AAAAAAAAAAA

    ImRainPlaysImRainPlaysPred 2 mesiacmi
  • ❗❗Yes, the commentary is off topic, but please add the old steve sounds when he hit! 🙏❗❗

    Tina LagushkinaTina LagushkinaPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Minecraft is the best in the world

    Sebastián CelySebastián CelyPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Cool vid

    Charlie MetcalfeCharlie MetcalfePred 2 mesiacmi
  • Metrología China ;D

    Oscar.Oscar.Pred 2 mesiacmi
  • Bru

    SuyllanSuyllanPred 2 mesiacmi
    • H

      SuyllanSuyllanPred 2 mesiacmi
  • My residence is in the picture!

    كيوطكيوطPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Pls fix Microsoft Bug. I login with wrong Microsoft account.. I cant play crossplay and with my ps network friends.

    Tobiáš VargaTobiáš VargaPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Кто русский (Сбасибо )

    NistepanNistepanPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Hvsdx

    dudi gamerdudi gamerPred 2 mesiacmi
    • Hvsdx

      dudi gamerdudi gamerPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Umm minecraft can you added New mob

    Dream ManhuntDream ManhuntPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Wy deletet iron ore

    Moeza KuMoeza KuPred 2 mesiacmi
  • อยากให้มันฟรีอ่ะ

    ladaladaPred 2 mesiacmi
  • hoye minecraft cuando saldra la actualisacion 1.17 del juego?

  • minecraft nothing play

    Alez A.Alez A.Pred 2 mesiacmi
  • what happens to the mobs that lose the vote?

    Calce e VesteCalce e VestePred 2 mesiacmi
    • They're never brought back.

      Shadow Hawk24Shadow Hawk24Pred mesiacom
  • Кто русский

    Islam555YTIslam555YTPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Can bedrock please get the new update now

    Besties GamingBesties GamingPred 2 mesiacmi

    Steve the impostorSteve the impostorPred 2 mesiacmi
    • Get an Xbox360 or a PS3

      Shadow Hawk24Shadow Hawk24Pred mesiacom
  • Dear Mojang. Why don't you make Minecraft free for the 15th anniversary? I think this will increase the popularity of the game. After all, there are people who simply do not have enough money ... For example, not all children have money to play.

    Malish LilMalish LilPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Hello mojang

    Захар ПономаревЗахар ПономаревPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Add gyroscope control for minecraft pocket edition

    Zeroky lolZeroky lolPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Add hardcore mode to bedrock edition

    Gaming videosGaming videosPred 2 mesiacmi
    • I mean, you can just set the difficulty to hard and delete the world after your death.

      Shadow Hawk24Shadow Hawk24Pred mesiacom
  • Mojang. Will 1.17 bring new music? I need to know

    Samuel NelsonSamuel NelsonPred 2 mesiacmi
  • 3

    Lourdinha BertolaLourdinha BertolaPred 2 mesiacmi
  • ىاموخمولا

    يومياتي انا وولادييومياتي انا وولاديPred 2 mesiacmi
  • If it will be free all will download

    Amrutam RavinderAmrutam RavinderPred 2 mesiacmi
  • It because I am a kid

    Amrutam RavinderAmrutam RavinderPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I can't play

    Amrutam RavinderAmrutam RavinderPred 2 mesiacmi

    Calvino KristantoCalvino KristantoPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Hi pleas version 1.17 bederoky

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto UzumakiPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I have new video on SVlift Alex playing Minecraft with Kiko

    tvkiko video 4Ktvkiko video 4KPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Hey I am a fan of you and a I have a question maybe in 2022 would you like to do a quick sand in Minecraft for the update of 2022 which is next year and by the way happy new year 2021

    fire alarm Dudefire alarm DudePred 2 mesiacmi
  • Ok 🙂

    Marcos Adrian Hernandez MartínezMarcos Adrian Hernandez MartínezPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Please add the void crouler in the cave and cliffs update

    SilvanaSilvanaPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Can we add the 1800s video camera, television, telephone and the old IBM PC for the future update? Seems the camera have been added look like its invent in the 1840s and all the minecraft discs?

    Gold Gear1252Gold Gear1252Pred 2 mesiacmi
  • O mojang pela Mor De Deus da stik no Games eduuuu Por Favor

    Lucas Lucas Sancho MonteiroLucas Lucas Sancho MonteiroPred 2 mesiacmi

    AlyrexツAlyrexツPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Its free ?

  • I thought they were doing the shoot dance for a sec 0:15

    Zach SandmeyerZach SandmeyerPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Quem fala da língua portuguesa Minecraft legal eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    késsie trindadekéssie trindadePred 2 mesiacmi
  • Como se llama la musica

    Oscar MamaniOscar MamaniPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Could Education Edition get the 1.16 update pls?

    Warshy88Warshy88Pred 2 mesiacmi
    • Why would that be needed when education edition is used for EDUCATION?

      Shadow Hawk24Shadow Hawk24Pred mesiacom
  • Please again free minecraft

    Matej VernerMatej VernerPred 2 mesiacmi
    • Nope

      Leo plays !!Leo plays !!Pred 2 mesiacmi
  • Make a pantership with rick and morty

    Ines SouzaInes SouzaPred 2 mesiacmi
    • There so much new in cave update

      Leo plays !!Leo plays !!Pred 2 mesiacmi
    • Nope there done there adding cave update that’s it

      Leo plays !!Leo plays !!Pred 2 mesiacmi
  • Oh I’ve played this world before! What

    PrincessPrincessPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Can you add a new enchant in minecraft like double jump or something

    • There is an Effect For It

      NobodyCaresaboutTheusernameNobodyCaresaboutTheusernamePred 2 mesiacmi
  • Lunar new year

    Dalvin FernandoDalvin FernandoPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Mojang finally changed the title to Lunar New Year

    WdaxWdaxPred 2 mesiacmi
  • You sad evern end 2 day

    Tono MyxaiTono MyxaiPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I just want to say you need to make a Minecraft marketplace thing I’m suggesting this to the person or people who made the Jurassic world Minecraft map

    Super goji FamilySuper goji FamilyPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Took em a week

    Rudy MagadanRudy MagadanPred 2 mesiacmi
  • min min minc.raf.,t remember us?

    赵Sufi赵SufiPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Mojang: *Lunar New Year...* Me: *shut up and take my money*

    Thời Tiết GamingThời Tiết GamingPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Im remembering that day... the day it was removed.

    StrafeStrafePred 2 mesiacmi
  • o

    تتPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I opened my MC and seen as a title: 2% sugar. My POV: u wat, it was 0%sugar... oh no, I know where this is going

    Gabriel TomaGabriel TomaPred 2 mesiacmi
  • When will there be a migration of minecraft accounts to Microsoft? How long will it take a couple of years, centuries?

    USA - a country of freedom and justice FactUSA - a country of freedom and justice FactPred 2 mesiacmi
    • بثثيي

      Al AlAl AlPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I swear that Minecraft is just becoming Roblox. Tryin to squeeze as much money out of these kid’s parents as possible.

    Thomas McGregorThomas McGregorPred 2 mesiacmi
    • Exactly what I think. I remember when Minecraft was so simple. 😔

      Isaac SmithIsaac SmithPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I could not find this on the marketplace......

    Kammi KilleenKammi KilleenPred 2 mesiacmi
    • @Isaac Smith thanks!

      Kammi KilleenKammi KilleenPred 2 mesiacmi
    • Search “Lunar New Year” there is a skin pack for free and a map for the price of a fortune.

      Isaac SmithIsaac SmithPred 2 mesiacmi
  • i am playng minecraft less cause everyone in java edition are having more fun then us bedrock players we cant put banners ln shilds and we dont have snapshots and we have a lot of oder features missing compared to java edition the only difference bedrock has that it has features missing ! please just dont do editions

    weat pros how did u find this channelweat pros how did u find this channelPred 2 mesiacmi
    • I think the same, but the reason there are differing editions is because your phone, tablet, Xbox, ps4/ps5, switch and windows 10, is because they can’t handle how complex Java is. So they have to make changes to make the game run smoother and be able to play on these devises.

      Isaac SmithIsaac SmithPred 2 mesiacmi
  • How do i get a Cape?

    WyrithWyrithPred 2 mesiacmi
  • what kind of game doesn’t let you sign into a Microsoft account dumb people

    Anthony ShipmanAnthony ShipmanPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Minecraft i have e new block Bridge sneaky stack!!!

    NxtNiklasNxtNiklasPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Lunar New Year is poggers

    PepecstasyPepecstasyPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I only got it to be a cow

    An Inspiring UsernameAn Inspiring UsernamePred 2 mesiacmi
  • Yesser happy Lunar new year

    RazpybuckleRazpybucklePred 2 mesiacmi
  • Hey mc thanks for banning me for no reason and then corrupt my solo survival world which I have spent about 26 hours on, thanks

    Jacksfat _Jacksfat _Pred 2 mesiacmi
  • Can you add combat update on bedrock?

    Appl3 YTAppl3 YTPred 2 mesiacmi
  • also pls add a joystick for mobile

    FizzyFizzyPred 2 mesiacmi
  • minecraft please fix mobile by( able to aim with a finger and shoot with another without having to remove your fingers)

    FizzyFizzyPred 2 mesiacmi
  • One thing i would like for the 1.18 update was the aether dimension,that would be enough for me to download EVERY version of the game.

    cah ghostycah ghostyPred 3 mesiacmi
  • 😀😀😀

    Aparecida PinheiroAparecida PinheiroPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Minecraft a novo

    Aparecida PinheiroAparecida PinheiroPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Hey mojang I know this is a bit random but I've had a realization, the only time you'll be able to do snow traps is when there is snow around. But what if you live in a plains or any other biome that doesn't involve snow, so maybe there could be the possibility of seasons??

    Rob TrevinoRob TrevinoPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Cool mojang

    Davi Gamer OfficialDavi Gamer OfficialPred 3 mesiacmi