Dev Diaries: World Generation

Join Agnes, Henrik, and Jasper to learn more about the caves, cave biomes, and mountains in the Caves & Cliffs Update! Focussing specifically on world generation, they discuss what inspired the new features, how they include different player styles, and which real-world rules they decided to keep, and which ones they bent. We also learn about the spaghetti caves and cheese caves, so you risk walking away both inspired and hungry!




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  • What is the 1.18 going to be

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  • I have another idea for you that is waterfalls with secret caves behind it with loot

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  • I have a new idea for you for another update it is sky islands and also the hight limit should be 1000 blocks high

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  • Why Agnes Looks Like She Hasn't Sleep For 10 Years

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  • I wonder what Notch is thinking about minecraft improving although the years..

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  • Once I first heard about the caves and cliffs update coming out it gave me an idea for a roleplay! So I'm really excited for this new update.

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  • Will u add the caves and cliffs in bedrock AKA 1.17

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  • could you do chests buried under snow on top of mountains.

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  • I think It would be cool to be able to wear chain mail underneath other armor, just a suggestion.

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  • Are biomes going to be measured on the "y" level because of the caves, or are the caves not going to have their own specified biome?

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  • After the 1.17 update, you all could try To make a sun and moon update for 1.18. So we minecraft players will have some more exploration So you could go to the moon 🌙 and get different types of blocks. I think to get there by ither making or finding a rocket 🚀 and a different type of armour called astro armour made by every ore in any shape you want or finding a big, type of flying animal (you can choose)

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  • She looks tired, I really feel for the whole team at Mojang

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  • What if you added blizzards? Kinda how like when there's rain, sometimes thunderstorms form instead. On the other hand, instead of snowing, a blizzard would form instead. It would look really cool on the steep mountain peaks!

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