Breaking Minecraft: How We Make Minecraft - Episode 8

You’ve done it to hearts and minds - now it’s time for you to try breaking Minecraft! We take a deep dive into why our game encourages the dirty art of cheating, why we’re opening up the Java Edition so you can tinker around with Minecraft’s insides, and why we desperately need more people to become game developers because we have no idea what we’re doi… I’ve just been ‘asked’ by our lawyers not to finish this sentence. Enjoy!




  • were is inglish

    Александр kАлександр kPred 10 hodinami
  • “This month, we explain how and why Minecraft should be torn apart by our players” **Stal Intensifies**

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  • /summon sheep 999999 game crash

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  • they only put minecraft java and not bedrok

    canal abandonadocanal abandonadoPred 3 dňami
  • Si nos das todos los mods de Minecraft el juego se volverá popular

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  • I love Mojang. They actually care and listen to their fans. They are also social and and don’t just post game updates on their channel. Thanks mojang!

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  • Mmm 🤔 ♥️

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  • 😉💥👍

  • i thinjed they gonna mention the infdev farlands sadness

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  • 3:53 my fav number is 17 is cool 😎 yup everyone thinks that like a lambo

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  • Roblox switch PS4 version cover

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  • “It deserves to be treated with, I’m just kidding, get it Mobbos” Me: well that’s not the original Xbox one edition or X360 edition so...

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  • Fjrdorr ?

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  • SIGO DE VOLTA 🇧🇷🇧🇷👍🤝

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  • SIGO DE VOLTA 🇧🇷🇧🇷👍🤝

    Davi Lucas EM JOGODavi Lucas EM JOGOPred 14 dňami
  • SIGO DE VOLTA 🇧🇷🇧🇷👍🤝

    Davi Lucas EM JOGODavi Lucas EM JOGOPred 14 dňami
  • SIGO DE VOLTA 🇧🇷🇧🇷👍🤝

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  • "we don't have emotions in Britain" as a brit, got me

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  • The only SVliftr who didn't lose his originality🥰🥰

    • SVliftr? That doesn't sound right...

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  • Okay

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  • 5:38 bro?

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  • If someone breaks Minecraft enough, others may be able to get Minecraft without paying money.

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  • the narrator has 5 hips 0_0

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  • Congrats for 7 million

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  • I created a minecraft world on a ps4 that i can make trophys without cheats activated

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  • This is my favorite comedy videos on SVlift 😂

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  • Iron farm are a solution to a problem that Mojang can’t really solve. You need ridicules amounts of iron in farms.

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  • Kort sagt 🇸🇪

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  • “Nice to know I’m not the only one who’s mysteriously full of bees”

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  • Como esta notch?

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  • This is why you must buy Minecraft the legal way! Because Mojang cares for all of their fans!

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  • 2:53 As an artist, I can confirm that I have ascended to a point where I do not need sustenance.

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  • Kudos for making such entertaining content. But, it doesn't really explain how you make Minecraft. It feels like you are protecting your viewers too much from the realities of game development work.

    Austin PAustin PPred 17 dňami
  • Ha 7... I get it, cuz the slash key is on the 7 key on Swedish keyboards!

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  • thank you notch

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  • Played the kreek donation song didn’t you!?

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  • Is herobrine a virus or made by mojang if virus why remove

    Maou Anime worldMaou Anime worldPred 19 dňami
    • Its not a virus, herobrine isnt real, mojang used it as a joke. Thats why there are 10 years streak of herobrine getting remove on changelog

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  • you why credit herobrine I'm scared

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  • The notch

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  • *suffers to my heart’s content cutely*

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  • The thing mojang has 6,96 subs

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  • How mobbo plays minecraft:*mobbo kazoo sound* How me plays minecraft:speedruning like dream

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  • Ayyyyy 6.69 subscribers ayyyyyy

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  • You can make updatas in Minecraft

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  • best

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  • Mojan plz delete 2b 2t if I use it it’s going to take my Nintendo switch

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    • Stupids are stupids

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    • Mojang didnt make 2b2t, and i think you only play the bedrock version of the game so you literally cant play on 2b2t, AND why would someone on 2b2t want your switch..? wait, why am i responding to a comment that was made by a five year old

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  • this is like narrator in a nutshell

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  • “If we put the coolest key in the commands, we would’ve picked 7” FNF: _interesting_

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  • Yhy mc JAVA and not bedrock 😭

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    • Because mojang created java, microsoft created bedrock

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  • /bleepblopmonthly

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  • noooo i watch them all today what i gonna do tomorrow noooooooooooooooo

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  • 😂😂

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  • Can you add a t-rex mob

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    • It will ruin the game's theme

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  • Do a meme reaction video 💝🌝

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  • Minecraft why are cave sounds the way they are

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  • Minecraft is the best game

    notrealjamess NRJnotrealjamess NRJPred 26 dňami
  • I want them to make an achievement called mobbo loves you when a sheep dyed pink is named mobbo

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  • I use creative all the time I find survival hard

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    • Its not that hard...

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  • D

    Jaziel RamosJaziel RamosPred 27 dňami
  • Steve: doing operation with a carrot

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  • Videos like this make me realize this game is in the right hands

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  • How to make minecraft: add blocks

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  • give us the mobbo skin now

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  • 2B2T PLAYERS : Let's do this.

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  • I as an artist will say this one thing we aren’t quite humans

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  • Funnily enough the german keyboard has the / on the capital 7

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  • "next month, it'll be the final episode of How We Make Minecraft." Aww that's sad..... :( We cant see mojang torturing the narrator anymore by continuing the series :(

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  • Them saying the cheat code instead of / would have been 7. Friday Night Funkin: 7 instead of /

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  • A irrelevant Fun Fact: I have(literally) *NEVER* beaten Minecraft the actual legit way(without using cheats/things like keep inventory).

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  • Next Episode:How we didn't made vertical slabs.

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  • Mojang making memes about their own games. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣their humor is amazing.

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  • Somebody tell this guy to make new meme templates those were actually hilarious

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  • Failed mods be like:

    nubychuriznubychurizPred mesiacom

    Мы против А4Мы против А4Pred mesiacom
  • 3:42 lol in my country the slash is on number 7

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  • Somebody: *Makes a Minecraft rip-off* Mojang: “I come to make an announcement...”

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  • Didn't even mention 0 tick farms

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  • Title: How We Make Minecraft Thumbnail: Breaking Minecraft

    Yeonki MinYeonki MinPred mesiacom
  • Mojang: cheating is great! Me who spent 3 months on teraphy cuz i felt bad cuz used toolbox and cheat codes : It'S oKaY, iT's Ok....COME HERE YOU LITTLE-!!!

    József Zsolt Dudás-VigJózsef Zsolt Dudás-VigPred mesiacom
  • Fix mouse delay/lag on bedrock it make it unplayable on window 10

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  • Really like the voice.

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  • Yeet

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  • 2:26

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    RAMARIO GEORGE IS A BIRD so parrot bad timeRAMARIO GEORGE IS A BIRD so parrot bad timePred mesiacom
  • i want cheese in minecraft that would be so noice

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  • I love that they hold the "Subtitle" in each of their episodes.

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  • “We don’t have emotion in Britain” Never have I been so offended by something I totally agree with

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    • LOL

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    • @Yuro Kunoha krl achei um br r/suddenlycaralho

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    • Sorry im brazilian

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  • "And survival mode where you can suffer to ur hearts content" -the narrator

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  • I can’t join lifeboat on Minecraft PE what should I do?

    Hamdan BoiHamdan BoiPred mesiacom
    • Buy the game

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  • The first bit inside that woman’s head kinda rasciist tho

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  • I like when companies actually acknowledge things that don’t make sense.

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  • I don't know

    MOH • 87 years agoMOH • 87 years agoPred mesiacom
  • Add Hardcore Mode on Minecraft Pocket Edition

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  • They are breaking XBOX ONE disc of minecraft

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  • please make сommand update

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  • Hello!

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